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About Us

We are a bunch of dreamers, storytellers, designers strategists and technologists

We are a bunch of dreamers, storytellers, designers strategists and technologists . Collectively and collaboratively leverage the power of authentic and engaging storytelling through thoughtful digital and physical experiences that bring brands to life. Our expertise in understanding the complexity of business and your customer's requirement. We conceptualize and produce compelling content, create beautiful websites, applications, and practical digital solutions that help you to increase performance, productivity, and profitability.

Advantage with Wittyconcept


We look into big data, structure and organisation. The analytical portion dissects research input and looks for patterns that point to basic human needs and behaviours. We love to solve complex business challenges and drive ambitious ideas forward with technology adoption and innovation.


We collaborate around the world who share a passion for creating digital experiences, products and content that reshape the connection between brands and their consumers.

Holistic Approach

We are dreamers, storytellers, strategists, designers, producers and technologists under one team thus offer a four-dimensional type of creativity that blends logical thinking with creative problem solving. The result is a holistic approach to creativity that is effective across multiple touchpoints and experiences.

Cutting-edge Technology

Our approach is to dive into deep and weed out anything that hinders you to standout in a crowded market place by using advanced algorithms, analytics, knowledge of cutting-edge software and technologies.

Entrepreneurial mindset

We accelerate your innovation advantage through an entrepreneurial mindset. Combining the speed, agility, perspective and creativity of a start-up with best practice delivery capability, we help you to unlock new revenue streams and increase your relevance for a new generation of customers.

Customer Experience

Customer experience lies at the center of every solution we develop. We provide seamless customer experience across channels including web, mobile, tablet and TV through our UX led engineering.

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